Springtime & Sunshine

With spring in full gear, excitement rolls on the countryside. Farmers across the state of Minnesota are mist one of my favorite seasons of the year, planting season! For some, this time of the year will last many months: starting with sugar beets a month ago and ending with edible beans (a.k.a. the glorious Bush’s Baked Beans) by the end of May. For farmers other than crop farmers, the duration of the season may depend on more than just the weather. As calving season is in gear, many farmers need to tend to both the planting and the cattle. With my own personal celebration of this time of the year, enjoy the collage of my pictures below of various crops in bloom.

Here’s a friendly reminder by Fastline to watch out for farmers this time of the year. Remember, these farmers you impatiently wait for feed your family and often have families of their own to come home to. Drive with patience and caution for the safety of all!

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Infographic By: Fastline.com


Oh for the love of cows!

Since a mere few weeks old I have found myself in a barn, a barn filled with Holstein dairy cows. As anticipated of many children raised on a farm, responsibilities grow over the years. The role that once was staying entertained in the old barn swing while mom and dad milked became helping with milkings and calf care. As I graduated from high school and eventually found myself moving away from the home farm, these roles diminished. However far the distance, my love for cattle remained true.

Years later, I have found a new passion for cattle, beef cattle that is. As luck would have it, many of my weekends are now spent at a 250 cow-calf beef operation. As many are enjoying the signs of spring, this is a great time of the year to visit beef farms. Below is a roll of photographs I have captured in the past few weeks. Oh the love of cows… and their calves!

Butterheads and Class Visits

Growing up with an older sister made decision making through childhood fairly simple, anything she did I would do. Julie playing high school tennis resulted in me asking for a tennis racquet for Christmas that year. During my sister’s stage of taking photographs of nature, animals and people, I took one million photographs of cats and stuffed animals. The two years my older sister was a county dairy princess, I was a dairy princess for Halloween. It was clear that one day I would continue to follow in her steps of becoming a dairy princess for as I had done with numerous other decisions in my childhood.


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Something to be Proud Of

Dad & JamieThe stories roll in by the dozens when my family is together. My older brother will never let me forget about the time he “rescued” me from the utility power lines when I got the rake tangled in them. Just like I won’t let my older sister forget how dramatic of a teenager she was when she remarks how theatrical her daughter has become. Life with nine siblings is always interesting, especially with the farm added to the equation.

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